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Key benefits of RPA Suite

Robotization with RPA Suite enables companies to get the main benefits of this technology. Our tool guarantees not only productive efficiency, but also facilitates integration, in an automated way, of tasks that were previously performed by human teams, or that are integrated as virtual workforce support in those processes that require human decisions.

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Addresses complex problems in critical tasks with low volume


Cuts costs and improves response times with zero errors.


Manages installed capacity with a click, making room for agile and efficient growth


Easy and multi-language programming capabilities using widely known tools such as C#, Java, .Net, Visual Studio, Visual Basic, C++, Delphi.

Cloud capabilities

RPA Suite can work in local servers or cloud environments

Visual Studio

Runs smoothly in Visual Studio.

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RPA Suite components

RPA Suite becomes the axis of effectiveness within your company using its 4 components

It is the control panel where you configure the distribution, priorities, frequency, and schedule of tasks that robots must perform. Likewise, it allows to know in real time what robots do at all times, allows auditing, analytical and reporting of the processes performed by the virtual workforce formed by the Robots.

Orchestration by Swarm Intelligence or manual, allowing the balancing of workloads, autonomous management of processes and tasks simultaneously.

It performs tasks completely autonomously, or you can generate events to delegate decision-making to a human agent that allow you to continue your task.

The development tool that integrates into Visual Studio, Eclipse, and so on.