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Why choose RPA Suite

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Recognition of screen components

Identification of components on the screen through artificial intelligence. This means that if the components change appearance or place, the robot continues to recognize them without maintenance.

Easy maintenance and updates

The programming languages used and the high-level methodologies for their implementation make it easier and more economical to maintain automations.

Swarm intelligence

It is a set of Carte Robots that operate collaboratively as a team. Swarm operation allows self-managed workload balancing by the same robots.

Component reuse

Libraries are being generated that can be reused for other additional developments, which represents significant savings in time and money.

Programmable robots in popular tools

Like Java, .Net, Visual Studio, Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, and so on. So there is no limit to the complexity of the processes to be automated and allows automation to be more robust being able to react to exceptional situations, even adapting to uneseen errors.

More affordable costs

RPA Suite licensing costs are affordable for SMEs and mid-enterprises, especially when it comes to robot orchestration and monitoring components. This creates feasible business cases for companies.

The only RPA solution that delivers

Robust Processes

Responsiveness to exceptional situations. Adapts to unseen errors.

Reliable Processes

Process compliance with actual requirements and specifications. Achievable reliability only with high-level languages.

Readable Processes

Focuses on modifications to bug fixes and minor functions.

Maintainable Processes

Ability to add, modify, or remove functionality without damaging the current system.

Reusable Developments

It reduces costs and errors, and also increases its reliability.