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You can be a reseller

With the RPA Partner Program we look for technology partners who want to expand their service offering, and differentiate the difference from the competition with the most powerful RPA technology on the market, to solve with the best possible approach the needs of their customers, and boost their growth.

Our collaborative model includes an accompaniment throughout the process, from pre-sale to implementation, with specific product training to know all the possibilities and business opportunities.

Our programs and tools are designed to provide sales and marketing expertise to help you grow your business successfully and gain a competitive edge in the market.

We have a specialized portal for our Partners where you can find:

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By partnering with us, we help you identify opportunities to preserve and expand both your clientele and its benefits. You’ll enjoy rewards like contract registration protection, interesting margins, and joint lead generation programs. We also offer up-to-date training and certifications, so your business and technical teams are fully trained to work with our latest solutions.