About us

We are Rigel Technologies

We are a Spanish company with a strong presence in Latin America, and we have more than 10 years of experience in the development and implementation of the technological solutions for the robotization of processes (RPA) in different verticals.

We have been developing our own AI-based solution for over 8 years to delivers the best results to our clients. It is adapted to the reality and specific challenges of each business.

We have a commercial network of Partners of the main consulting firms in more than 15 markets and more than 150 certified professionals on our platform.

About us

Our focus

We help companies optimize their productivity through process automation, increasing your operational capacity and reducing your costs through our RPA Suite software with Artificial Intelligence.

Our RPA Suite is a completely personalized solution, which is adapted to your business, and allows you to optimize your operational processes, by achieving significant savings and precision in the responses of each stage of these processes .

About us

Our key values

Nuestro objetivo es ayudar a agilizar los procesos y la productividad de las empresas

Our best tool is our work team.

We offer personalized attention to each of our Partners - Clients

Recognition of components on the screen

Identification of the components on the screen through artificial intelligence.

Swarm intelligence

Set of Cartes Robots that operate collaboratively as a work team, allow self-managed workload balancing by the robots themselves.

Programmable robots in popular tools

Java, .Net, Visual Studio, Visual Basic, C ++, Delphi, etc. There is no limit to the complexity of the processes to automate. More robust reacting to exceptional and unforeseen situations

Easy maintenance and updates

Easier and cheaper to update thanks to high-level programming languages and methodologies

Component reuse

Important savings in time and money thanks to the creation of libraries that can be reused for other additional developments

More affordable costs

Affordable for SMEs, especially when it comes to robot orchestration and monitoring components.